• Ain el Helweh

    Distribution of drugs to the Palestinian camp of Ain el Helweh (Lebanon)

    Our project aims to give these children an alternative life through education and to alleviate as much as possible the suffering of those who have a treatable illness

  • Scuola per l'infanzia

    Construction of new schools for the children of the districts of Batticaloa, Charity and Mamallapuram (Srilanka)

    Funded the renovation of a school for children thanks to 20.000 euros collected by pharmacists in Trieste

  • Support to the children of Pannipitya

    Support to the children of Pannipitya (Srilanka)

    @uxilia provided for the collection and delivery of 35 boxes of toys for 70 children imprisoned in Pannipitiya

  • Batticaloa

    Tsunami Recovery: Sending food supply to Batticaloa (Srilanka)

    Sending food and powdered milk in the northeast of the island, Batticaloa area

  • Kabgayi

    Sending medical supplies and an ambulance to the Hospital of Kabgayi (Africa)

    @uxilia has donated an ambulance and medical supplies to the Hospital of Kabgayi

  • Dhi Qar

    Purification of water in the province of Dhi Qar (Iraq)

    A watermaker-purification system was delivered to the province of Dhi Qar and this will increase the water supply of some villages already started in 2004.

  • Mozambico

    Antiviral treatment of AIDS in pregnant women (Africa)

    8500 euros have been donated for anti-retroviral drugs in the therapy of the Dream project a figure that has allowed us to treat the mother suffering from HIV and save the child.

  • Parwan

    Rennovation of Parwan orphanage (Afghanistan)

    Renovation of Charikar orphanage, in collaboration with the Italian Red Cross

  • modulo operatorio dutante il terremoto

    Sending a pediatric mobile in Kashmir after the earthquake (Pakistan)

    A pediatric mobile was donated by the National Alpine ANA to give a little help to the 4 million homeless people.

  • barche

    Tsunami Recovery: buying boats to fishermen in Trincomalee (Srilanka)

    The Province of Udine donate 12.000 euros to buy the the boats destroyed by the Tsunami

  • Pratheepa

    Arm reconstruction to a former girl soldier (Srilanka)

    We rebuild the arm of Pratheepa a former girl soldier

  • Micro-entrepreneurship project “Love Scarves” (Tunisia)

    Micro-entrepreneurship project “Love Scarves” (Tunisia)

    A little crochet that we produce with tunisian women, a scarf called "The scarf of love"

  • leishmaniosi

    Leishmaniasis Project (Afghanistan)

    Together with tha group Cimic many medical examinations were performed to treat leishmaniasis.

  • Selezione bambini

    Treatmen of children with orthopedic problems (Palestine)

    Selection in all countries of the West Bank children with orthopedic problems in order to define the proper medical or surgical treatment in loco or in California.

  • Convogli umanitari

    Dispatching of humanitarian convoys to the Atma camp (Syria)

    @uxilia send humanitarian convoys that reach the interior of the country for relieve the suffering of children

  • Sciarpe dell'Amore

    Micro-entrepreneurship project “Love Scarves” (Syria)

    A little crochet that we produce with syrian women, a scarf called "The scarf of love"

  • Avamposto 55

    Hospital Outpost 55 (Africa)

    Construction of a first aid ambulatory with twenty beds, two schools and a multiethnic center.

  • Atma

    Children of Atma (Syria)

    Sebastiano Nino Fezza and @uxilia start an enterprise for the children of Atma

  • Scarpe ortopediche

    Delivery of orthopaedic footwear for prothesis to the physiotherpy and rehabilitation Center of Alberto Cairo (Afghanistan)

    @uxilia bought 3.000 pairs of orthopaedic shoes fitting orthopaedic prothesis

  • Bambini abusati

    Reporting abuse minor (Srilanka)

    @uxilia with Italian Cooperation are preparing a feasibility study to help children victim of abuse

  • Microcredito

    Development of activities of micro-entrepreneurship among women (Srilanka)

    Training course to strenghten the ability and professional skills of women for the activities of micro-entrepreneurship

  • Allestimento di strutture sanitarie

    Project establishment, construction and management of first aid centers in the region of Idlib, Aleppo and Hazzano (Syria)

    A first aid center were establishment in Hazzano and medical center in Idlib

  • Nassi

    Project Literacy for women in Nassyria (Iraq)

    Providing literacy instruction to 15 adult women of Thi Qar province

  • Herat

    Delivery of clothes and other materials to the orphanages in Herat (Afghanistan)

    Distribution of 76 boxes containing two and a half tons of clothes, shoes, blankets, sheets, toys, teaching and sanitary materials donated by Spes.

  • Smile Again

    Support to “Smile Again” (Pakistan)

    @uxilia helps “Smile Again FVG” looking for funds in order to provide medical support to girls with scars on face and body caused by acid.

  • Cardiochirurgia

    Pediatric cardiac surgery in the West Bank (Palestine)

    Get cardiac surgery for 15 children with congenital heart diseases in Al Makassed Hospital

  • Reinsediamento di 23 famiglie a Batticaloa

    Emergency flood: the resettlement of 23 families in the Batticaloa district (Srilanka)

    The 23 families received rations to support and were sent to the resettlement.

  • Progetto di Microimprenditoria

    Micro-entrepreneurship project “Love Scarves” (Serbia)

    A little crochet that we produce with serbian women, a scarf called "The scarf of love"

  • Al Mansour

    Supply of medicines and salaries to medical and paramedical staff of the Hospital Al Mansour (Iraq)

    @uxilia, in cooperation with SPES, has provided first aid at Al Mansour through the supply of medicines and the payment of salaries to the medical and paramedical staff

  • Somalia

    Treatment of Malaria (Africa)

    An ambulance, an ultrasound and a load of drugs were delivered to a group of volunteers from Pescara heading to Mogadishu.

  • VTC

    Vocational Training Center (Srilanka)

    Building the Vocational Training Center for the recovery of former child soldiers and their mothers

  • Invio di materiale didattico

    Sending of teaching materials (Syria)

    @uxilia send teaching materials to children of Atma

  • Divise calcio

    Delivery of football uniforms for the orphanages’ championship (Afghanistan)

    The dyalisis ward from the Cividale del Friuli hospital provided football uniforms for children in Kabul orphanages

  • Sostegno a Sarah

    Support to Sarah (Syria)

    @uxilia allowed the little Sarah to leave her country and receveing appropriate surgery

  • Due nuove scuole a Batticaloa

    Two news school in Batticaloa (Srilanka)

    Renovation of a school for children and building a new school in the town of Batticaloa

  • Scolarizzazione Atma

    Project Schooling of children of Atma (Syria)

    Building of a school for 500 children in Atma Camp

  • Kit scuola

    School Supplies (Srilanka)

    Sending school supplies to six schools in Batticaloa

  • Sostegno famiglie

    Support for families after Tsunami (Srilanka)

    Economic support for families after Tsunami in Batticaloa district

  • House of Flowers

    Restructuring of the House of Flowers orphanage in Kabul (Afghanistan)

    @uxilia gave help to the House of Flowers orphanage with a donation of 12.000 euros, partially granted by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.

  • Orfanotrofio Allahuddin di Kabul

    Rebuilding of the Allahuddin orphanage in Kabul (Afghanistan)

    We financed the reconstruction of the kitchen in the Allahuddin orphanage of Kabul and we equipped medicines against leishmaniosis.

  • Kumar

    Renovation of Father Kumar’s Catholic school (India)

    @uxilia, in cooperation with SPES, financed the rebuilding of the Catholic “St. Mary’s School” in Mamallapuran after the Tsunami

  • Luce a Khowst

    Let us bring light in Khowst (Afghanistan)

    10 photovoltaic systems were delivered in order to provide lighting to for the village of Kaijree in cooperation with SPES and the Cimic group
  • Sostegno a Fiorello

    Support to Fiorello 

    Fiorello, swiss children suffers of SMA1, today is alive thanks to @uxilia

  • Baghlan

    Delivery of sanitary equipment for the Baghlan Hospital (Afghanistan)

    We have provided sanitary equipment for the Baghlan Hospital, in cooperation with NGO AISPO and Italian Cooperation

  • Sostegno a Sofia

    Support to Sofia (Ukraine)

    Thanks to @uxilia Sofia, who suffers from acute lymphoblastic leukemia Ph+, is receiving adequate medical treatment

  • Sostenere l'avviamento imprenditoriale

    Supporting women’s enterprise start-up in Madras (India)

    This project aimed to support local youth and women’s enterprise start-up

  • La scuola per la Siria

    School for Syria

    @uxilia activated correspondance among children of Atma Camp and children of italian school

Micro-entrepreneurship program Mother-Child

Beneficiaries: Children and families of  Batticaloa 

Cities / Regions involved: Batticaloa

Period: 2004 - ongoing

Total cost for 2013: more than 4.500 euros; for 2012: more than 4.500 euros; for 2011: more than 2.500 euros

Project Statusongoing

The Sponsorship Program is aimed at reaching a stable economic contribution for vulnerable children, adults, families and communities. AUXILIA decided to join this "Charter of principles of distance support" drafted and promoted in November 2000 in Rome by associations working for “Long distance Adoption”. In doing so, our organization has always worked in favor of children and it is committed to ensure the objectives stated in the Charter, to promote all types of activities and initiatives to safeguard childhood, multiculturalism, economic development and social inclusion in developing countries, solidarity and peace, in order to give these children the opportunity to live a new life. @uxilia works in Sri Lanka since 2004, in the area of Batticaloa, which for twenty-three years has been the scenario of one of the bloodiest civil wars. In partnership with the local association Koinonia, AUXILIA implements the Sponsorship project. The local workers identify the children and families who need help and they provide us with information on their history and their health condition. With the Sponsorship Programme, @uxiliachildren aims to follow children up to the age of 18 by offering them vocational training. With the monthly fee we ensure to each child:

- A balanced and regular diet.
- Medical care.
- Recreational activities.

The commitment to support a child is of 25 € per month for a total of € 300 per year, including also bureaucratic and administrative expenses and bank charges relating to the transfert of funds abroad. 

The commitment is used partly trought the local association Koinonia (partner of @ uxilia) as a micro-credit to women for starting and maintaining a small business enterprise (eg purchase fabrics and threads for sewing or sewing machine) so that the woman can have an income, and in part to purchase school supplies, health care or other needs for the child.

The donor will receive a username and password through which he will have access to a online portal where he will be allowed to see the latest updates from the child such as photos, drawings and mutual correspondence. In this regard, it would be preferable to write the letters in English, otherwise they will be translated by us. The original letters are delivered once a year through postal service both to the child and the donor.

Health Project "0 deaths for acute kidney injury by 2025"

Beneficiaries: Suffering from acute kidney injury (AKI) 

Cities / Region involved: Sri Lanka 

Period: 2013 - to date

Project Status: ongoing

In collaboration with the International Society of Nephrology Analysis of the territory of SriLanka to evaluate the possibility of carrying out the project based on the use of peritoneal dialysis for the treatment of acute kidney injury ( AKI ) in Developing Countries , in collaboration with Prof. Giuseppe Remuzzi ( Mario Negri Institute ) , President of the International Society of Nephrology (ISN ) - 2013 For the World Health Organization (WHO) SriLanka is a "category A" country for infectious and parasitic diseases that can be complicated by Acute Renal Failure. Haemorrhagic fever trasmitted by the dengue mosquito is the leading cause of death among children. Most affected areas are the west coast of the island and also those with higher urbanization such as the capital . During the first three months of 2013, 7,962 cases of dengue fever have been reported by the Ministry of Health. Leptospirosis is endemic in the north-east coast and reaches 7000 cases diagnosed per year. Of importance is snake poisoning with 33 000 cases per year reported in the most south-eastern coast . The risk of malaria, especially in the benign form caused by Pl.Vivax persists throughout the year and throughout the country , except in the District of Colombo , Kalutara and Nuwara Eliya. There is a high Pl. falciparum resistance to chloroquine . In any case, in the absence of a registry or otherwise of centralized data there are no clear statistics on cases of acute renal failure in the areas of higher incidence correspondinge to infections mentioned above. All data are obtained from individual health care districts. The incidence of kidney disease in Sri Lanka has increased dramatically and hemodialysis treatment is inadequate to the needs of the territory. Renal failure in both the acute and chronic form is often of unknown nature ( CKDu ). A recent study of 2012 shows that the progressive increase in kidney disease is correlated with the use of pesticides, fertilizers and toxic pesticides imported from neighboring China . Especially in the center and northeast of the country 15% of the population, mostly rice farmers, is suffering from chronic renal insufficiency without the presence of risk factors (diabetes, immunological disorders , cardiovascular problems ). High concentrations of cadmium and arsenic, elements contained in the illegal chemical compounds used in agriculture have been found in blood sample. Project Proposal of collaboration with the Medical Institution of SriLanka : The area of Batticaloa where @uxilia has increased project activity is also the one most relevant to the ISN staff training and treatment of patients with Acute Renal Failure by peritoneal dialysis project. This is because the hospital in Batticaloa has the adequate characteristics to sustain a process of training and learning, has excellent staff skills, a good level of infrastructure and management of the patient. In addition, it is the reference center on a large territory on the east coast corresponding to a population of about 1.5 million people involved in the epidemiological risks described above. Currently the treatment of End Stage Renal Failure is accomplished with two B Braun hemodialysis machines without specialist' nephrologists. The treatment of chronic patients is suspended according to the need of treatment of acute patients. The real need for dialysis is far superior to the availability of these 2 dialysis machines. During the mission in SriLanka Auxilia has contacted most iof the principal managers in health care and nephrology. There was some discussion on the feasibility of the project and the following authorities expressed high availability and collaboration: Dr. Palitha Mahipala, Director General of Health Service; Dr. Rustom Mehta responsible Firdosi WHO Srilanka; Prof Mohamed Hussain Rezvi Sheriff Professor of nephrology PGIM University of Colombo; Dr. K. Muruganandam, Director of Batticaloa Teaching Hospital; Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha, Adviser on Reconciliation to the President, and finally the Italian Ambassador Fabrizio Arpea. Considering government policies in this oligarchic form of government, friendship and confidence with the Italian ambassador and adviser to the President are harbingers of good result. In summary, the various meetings have highlighted the absence of peritoneal dialysis in the whole island, the possibility of hemodialysis almost exclusively in the capital, where there is the only center with nephrologists, Hemodialysis in the remaining territory is limited to the presence of 2/4 type B Braun hemodialysis machines located in the major town hospitals of the country which are accessible to the population in a time ranging from 30 minutes to 4 hours by car.

Development of activities of micro-entrepreneurship among women, Batticaloa













Beneficiaries: Women, widows and ex-child soldiers in Batticaloa

Cities / Region involved: Batticaloa

Period: 2012 - 2014

Sources of funding: Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia

Total cost: 50.571,22 euros

Project Status: ongoing

Funded by the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia MICRO PROJECTS pursuant to Regional Law n . 19 of 30 October 2000 Interventions to promote, at regional and local level, the activities of development cooperation and international partnership.

This project aims to contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals by the year 2015 in relation to Objective 3, which aims to " Promote gender equality and women empowerment." This project is carried out in a social context characterized by widespread poverty, especially in rural areas; this has a strong impact on the most vulnerable populations, including women, thus highlighting the strong links between gender issues and poverty. Even though many humanitarian projects have been carried out by several different NGOs, the results were often limited by the weakness of the activities, poorly effective and sustainable, unable to adequately resolve the real needs, relegating the final beneficiaries in the vicious circle of poverty. Our project aims to overcome these difficulties by providing a valuable support through a program of education and promotion of income generating activities, addressing the most vulnerable groups, represented by women, widows and ex-child soldiers of the Tamil community in the North-East of Sri Lanka. Its overall objective is to carry out activities aimed at overcoming the situation of social exclusion through the development of professional skills and the support of small entrepreneurship projects. The project foresees training courses aimed at increasing professional, organizational and managerial skills with the subsequent start of small micro-enterprise activities.

The project foresees training courses aimed at strengthening the professional skills of women involved. 30 women, divided into sub-groups, will participate in various theoretical and practical training aimed at developing technical skills in income generating activities in order to increase their possibilities of employment. Training on income-generating activities will constitute a theoretical module aimed at developing skills in the areas of entrepreneurship, product quality, sales management and other specific economic techniques. The technical labs that will take place within centres in the area, and are implemented by our Partner, the local Association Koinonian, will cover: techniques of dyeing, processing of fabrics and tailoring, processing techniques, preparation and preserving of fruit, vegetables and cooked foods, micro-gardening techniques, techniques of construction and fishering. Women will be so enriched by a know-how that will enable them to better manage their activities. Once the theoretical training is done, women will be able to train other women and other members of the community, thus multiplying the chances of spreading the techniques learned. On completion of the training phase, the project envisages the establishment of an ad hoc service for entrepreneurs that will be run by some of the women previously trained. The Entrepreneurship Service will also have the important task of managing a micro-credit fund, under the supervision of a local representative of the Association, which aims to support small business ideas for women trained by the project. The micro-credit loans will then have the aim of promoting the creation and development of small business ideas to start or develop self-employment projects. In determining the duration of the grant allocation, small businesses will have to return the received credit, which will then fund new projects. The provision of micro-credit will be initially managed by Koinonia that will assist women throughout the duration of their stay and for the gradual transfer of skills and know-how that will allow the fund to be self-managed. The strengthening of the network among women involved in theoretical and practical training aims to increase the institutional involvement and will make the whole community aware of the opportunities in the area. The analysis phase of the context and related problems has been implemented placing the accent to the situation of women in Sri Lanka. Great importance is given to the involvement of women given their crucial role in the Sinhalese society. All activities have been planned starting from the identification of needs of women and their obligations towards the society and their family commitments. In addition, the establishment  of a fund for micro- credit loans is aiming at reaching the autonomy and self-employment of women involved, who will then decide their future. After a theoretical and technical training, women can indeed access micro-credit loans by implementing micro-entrepreneurial projects that will be carried out thanks to the financial contribution. Once the activity will be started, the money received will go back and allow the financing of new business projects of other women. The project results will be disseminated by Koinonia in the local area through a series of events and initiatives that raise awareness and promote the services offered. In addition, Auxilia will release publications and organize conferences with the aim of raising awareness on development cooperation issues and microcredit as an opportunity for self-employment. Main activities: The activities of the project requires the establishment of an operational structure in charge of coordination and administration of all the actions implemented to achieve the objectives and results (agreements with local partners , organization and design of teaching classes, enrollment of participants…); it will therefore develop all the activities related to training courses, the Entrepreneurship Service (purchasing equipment, training to other members of the community, creating an ATM for entrepreneurship for the territory in the north-east of Sri Lanka, agreements with local partners , logistical organization of the ATM, selection of staff); a fundamental step is also awareness raising and dissemination of actions implemented throughout the duration of the project, through the creation of a network that will become a reference point for sharing and exchanginguseful information, resources, tools and best practices. The organization of conferences and meetings for community awareness on development cooperation issues, dissemination of results and publications is also a fundamental part of the project.




Textile processing

Working the fields




The project in english

Keep up to date on the progress of the project

Sending school supplies to six schools in Batticaloa



Beneficiaries: 6 schools of Batticaloa

Cities / Regions involved: Batticaloa

Period: 2010

Sources of funding: Members and sympathizers of @uxilia

Total cost: more than 4.000 euros

Project Status: ongoing

The Project included the renovation of a school for children and building a new one in the city of Batticaloa, located in the eastern coast of Sri Lanka. For the implementation and management of the entire project in Batticaloa, @uxilia relies on the cooperation with the local partner Koinonia. The program includes a school project for the construction of 10 schools in the area of Batticaloa and a project of "remote support" for children in need in the areas of Mamallapuran (Tamilnadu - eastern India), Batticaloa (Sri Lanka), Galle (Sri Lanka).






Donate a School Kit

Building the Vocational Training Center for the recovery of former child soldiers and their mothers











Beneficiaries: Former child soldiers and their mothers

Cities / Regions involved: Batticaloa

Period: august 2011 - march 2013

Sources of funding: Sources of Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia; Donations businesses and individuals; Funds raised Concert for Life

Total cost: 24.200,00 euros

Project Status: concluded

Thanks to funds of the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, private donations, the fundraising Concert For Life 2011, the project had as its main objective the building of a Education and Training Centre (Vocational Training Centre) with the objective to implement training, vocational, educational and recreational and cultural activities, for young former child soldiers and their mothers, who are in situations of deprivation, vulnerability and social exclusion (education and employment) due to the effects of prolonged ethnic conflict and the absence of interventions aimed at the reconstruction of the villages affected by the conflict and by the absence of socio-economic development ( handicrafts , agro- pastoral and other services). The activities of the Center are aimed at promoting the active participation and supporting the professional development of women by offering them courses and workshops, thus making them active subjects of social change and not passive recipients of external interventions. The activities for children aged 15 to 18 years are educational, recreational, cultural, and other extra-curricular activities that support the mental growth. The activities for persons older than 18 years are aimed at granting vocational and professional. The Centre could be used for different activities and we plan to build more rooms to increase space and number of activities to be carried out. Educational and training activities will be carried out in classes divided by age, in a manner that integrate theoretical and practical approaches and through interactive educational tools that promote active participation and make learning more effective. Other activities to be carried out within the Centre would be the creation of a service of psychosocial health support and the formation of a team of operators who, following an initial training, will be able to continue the activities with greater expertise and be ready to share this expertise in other areas of the territory. 

At the end of the activities we expect: greater adaptation by young ex - child soldiers, a better education of mothers, a better reintegration of young people within families, schools, peer groups. Psychological support to families, especially mothers, in the early stages of rehabilitation is needed in order to help the people in the re- construction and construction of social institutions. These institutions are necessary for psychological protection of young people involved in the drama of becoming child soldiers, especially after a harsh and violent conflict. Another important activity to achieve is to set up a multimedia laboratory through which it will be possible in the future to maintain professional contacts. The laboratory can be used by operators in the Center for other commercial and learning purposes (distance learning, computer literacy , video conferencing , etc. ). Direct beneficiaries are the young ex - child soldiers Sinhalese families of origin, particularly mothers and service workers (psychologists , social workers, teachers, educators, trainers). Indirect beneficiaries are the peer group of boys belonging to the target but also the wider circle of relatives, friends and acquaintances of the families involved , with repercussions on the local population through the promotion and dissemination of services, facilities and institutions.




The construction


The inauguration




See the health profect for the recovery of a former girl soldier

See the project: I traumi del post-guerra: una nuova giustizia volta alla riconciliazione

Keep up to date on the progress of the project

Emergency flood: the resettlement of 23 families in the Batticaloa district



Beneficiaries: 23 families of Batticaloa.

Cities / Regions involved: Batticaloa.

Period: 2010

Sources of funding

Total cost: 6.000 euros

Project Status: concluded

Resettlement of 40 families in the Batticaloa district after the flood of December 2010. Program was implemented in two phases. Initially there were 23 families identified for resettlement, but only 23 families were able to return to their village, while 13 families have moved to the village called Sittandy where they built new houses. The 23 families received rations to support the 1st of August and were sent to the resettlement. On the 8th August, the same families have been provided with rations in their village. The area in which they were resettled is still under the control of the security forces and do the permission to reach the place was not granted to all staff. In the village the program of work has not been completed due to the presence of the army.

Missione di Laura Longoni - @uxilia Lombardia







Flood Srilanka

Emergency Flood

Arm reconstruction to a former girl soldier



Beneficiaries: Pratheepa

Cities / Regions involved:  Sri Lanka - Friuli Venezia Giulia

Period: February 2011 - November 2011

Sources of fundingRegione Friuli Venezia Giulia in collaboration with the SMM Hospital of Udine and Centro Balducci

Total cost: 35.000 euros

Project Status: concluded

Pratheepa was made a child-soldier during the bloody civil war that lasted over 30 years. Pratheepa, during a fire fight, lost the use of her left arm because hit by enemy fire. She survived and the health service of the revolutionary army LTTE placed a plaque that made impossible any kind of arm mobility, thus impeding any possibility of working. Thanks to @uxilia, which runs in the Batticaloa district of Sri Lanka its own facility, on February 17th Pratheepa is in Italy, in our region, for a surgery that will place a titanium endoprosthesis in her elbow. @uxilia managed to get the visa (an ad hoc visa for receiving health services in Italy) for the girl, thanks to the advocacy work done in cooperation with the Italian Embassy towards the Government of Sri Lanka. The Region, thanks to @uxilia request, could cover the surgery related-costs.

March 12, 2011 - Pratheepa – successful surgery

Hospitalized in the Orthopaedics Department of the Hospital "Santa Maria della Misericordia" in Udine, Pratheepa got the surgery on March 9. The medical staff involved in the surgery, coordinated by Dr. Nicholas Collini and by Dr. Silvio Demitri, has worked for nine hours in a row. The plaque was removed and it was decided not to replace the elbow with a titanium prosthesis, but to proceed with the reconstruction of all the bones and joints, in order to restore the limb function and the ability of movement. The next step will be working on the hand, which has been denervated and has no prehensile capacity. Since in Friuli, Pratheepa is never left alone. Federica Albini and Paola Paoletig, @uxilia volunteers, took good care of her. She could experience with them some of the most exciting episodes of her life. A long series of "firsts ": the snow, a trip in Tarvisio, through the mountains, in a store , in a shopping mall.

March 30, 2011 - Pratheepa begins rehabilitation

Since few days Pratheepa has begun the rehabilitation of the arm at the hospital of Udine; the rehabilitation will be needed for few months and it has to be done on a daily basis. She is now able to do some autonomous movements with the elbow, that for the time being it is supported by a complex legal guardian bought by @uxilia and that allows the proper movement of the muscles. Pratheepa will leave the Hospital in mid-April and she will go to a specialized centre, close to the hospital in Udine, in order to continue the daily rehabilitation. She will be then hosted in the reception centre “Ernesto Balducci” in Zugliano, in the municipality of Pozzuolo del Friuli

November 5, 2011 – Pratheepa is back in Sri Lanka with her arm working again.

Pratheepa managed to arrive in Italy on 08/ 02/2011, thanks to the issue of a visa for health reasons. In the Hospital of Udine, thanks to Dr. Collini who has performed the surgery and Dr. Ilia De Luca who has supervised her rehabilitation, the functionality of the arm and hand has been restored. Pratheepa went then back to Sri Lanka on 05/11/2011 together with Laura Boy "Pratheepa is happy to be back with her family, there were no problems during the return trip and she is now fully reinstated in her village.” She is now helped by @uxilia, through an ad hoc Sponsorship Programme. Laura Boy says “we will teach her a job and ensure a financial coverage that will allow her to work, through a micro-credit loan ".




Laura Boy intervew Pratheepaon her return home in Srilanka with her sister and her parents


 TG regionale on the return of Pratheepa in Srilanka


Federica Albini who followed the logistics


Nicola Collini who performed the surgery


Elide de Luca who has followed the physiotherapy




Construction of new schools for the children of the districts of Batticaloa, Charity and Mamallapuram

IMG 291967202 140907195957518 5681914 n


Beneficiaries: Children Batticaloa, Galle, Mamallapuran

Cities / Regioni involved: Batticaloa, Galle, Mamallapuran

Period: 2010 - ongoing

Sources of funding: Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia; Donations of businesses and individuals; Fundraising by pharmacists of Trieste

Total Cost: 15.276,81 euros

Project Status: concluded

Through funds from Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, donations from entreprises and individuals and thanks to 20 thousand Euros collected by pharmacists in Trieste, Auxilia has funded the renovation of a school for children in need in the areas affected by the Tsunami. In Trincomalee, through funding from the Province of Trieste (10 thousand euro), the financing of the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia and more than 5 thousand euro from donors, two nurseries were rebuilt. The property during the floods in late 2011, has been greatly damaged and Auxilia provided for its renovation and the purchase of books, notebooks and stationery for the resumption of activities. The activities in the pre -school are progressing according to plans and expectations: 4 teachers and about 50 children are been involved.





The construction


The inauguration


Renovation of the school for children of Trincomalee


Beneficiaries: Children of Trincomalee

Cities / Regions involved: Trincomalee

Period: 2009

Sources of funding: Fundraising Trieste, Provincia di Trieste

Total cost: 6.000 euros

Project Status: concluded

Thanks to 20,000 Euros collected by pharmacists in Trieste we have financed the renovation of a school for children in need in the areas affected by the Tsunami. In Trincomalee, with funding from the Province of Trieste (EUR 10 thousand) and more than 5 thousand euro from private donors we have reconstructed two nurseries.



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