• Allestimento di strutture sanitarie

    Project establishment, construction and management of first aid centers in the region of Idlib, Aleppo and Hazzano (Syria)

    A first aid center were establishment in Hazzano and medical center in Idlib

  • modulo operatorio dutante il terremoto

    Sending a pediatric mobile in Kashmir after the earthquake (Pakistan)

    A pediatric mobile was donated by the National Alpine ANA to give a little help to the 4 million homeless people.

  • Divise calcio

    Delivery of football uniforms for the orphanages’ championship (Afghanistan)

    The dyalisis ward from the Cividale del Friuli hospital provided football uniforms for children in Kabul orphanages

  • Reinsediamento di 23 famiglie a Batticaloa

    Emergency flood: the resettlement of 23 families in the Batticaloa district (Srilanka)

    The 23 families received rations to support and were sent to the resettlement.

  • Sostegno a Sofia

    Support to Sofia (Ukraine)

    Thanks to @uxilia Sofia, who suffers from acute lymphoblastic leukemia Ph+, is receiving adequate medical treatment

  • Cardiochirurgia

    Pediatric cardiac surgery in the West Bank (Palestine)

    Get cardiac surgery for 15 children with congenital heart diseases in Al Makassed Hospital

  • Sciarpe dell'Amore

    Micro-entrepreneurship project “Love Scarves” (Syria)

    A little crochet that we produce with syrian women, a scarf called "The scarf of love"

  • Due nuove scuole a Batticaloa

    Two news school in Batticaloa (Srilanka)

    Renovation of a school for children and building a new school in the town of Batticaloa

  • Mozambico

    Antiviral treatment of AIDS in pregnant women (Africa)

    8500 euros have been donated for anti-retroviral drugs in the therapy of the Dream project a figure that has allowed us to treat the mother suffering from HIV and save the child.

  • leishmaniosi

    Leishmaniasis Project (Afghanistan)

    Together with tha group Cimic many medical examinations were performed to treat leishmaniasis.

  • Orfanotrofio Allahuddin di Kabul

    Rebuilding of the Allahuddin orphanage in Kabul (Afghanistan)

    We financed the reconstruction of the kitchen in the Allahuddin orphanage of Kabul and we equipped medicines against leishmaniosis.

  • VTC

    Vocational Training Center (Srilanka)

    Building the Vocational Training Center for the recovery of former child soldiers and their mothers

  • Scuola per l'infanzia

    Construction of new schools for the children of the districts of Batticaloa, Charity and Mamallapuram (Srilanka)

    Funded the renovation of a school for children thanks to 20.000 euros collected by pharmacists in Trieste

  • Atma

    Children of Atma (Syria)

    Sebastiano Nino Fezza and @uxilia start an enterprise for the children of Atma

  • Avamposto 55

    Hospital Outpost 55 (Africa)

    Construction of a first aid ambulatory with twenty beds, two schools and a multiethnic center.

  • Selezione bambini

    Treatmen of children with orthopedic problems (Palestine)

    Selection in all countries of the West Bank children with orthopedic problems in order to define the proper medical or surgical treatment in loco or in California.

  • Kit scuola

    School Supplies (Srilanka)

    Sending school supplies to six schools in Batticaloa

  • Sostegno a Sarah

    Support to Sarah (Syria)

    @uxilia allowed the little Sarah to leave her country and receveing appropriate surgery

  • Bambini abusati

    Reporting abuse minor (Srilanka)

    @uxilia with Italian Cooperation are preparing a feasibility study to help children victim of abuse

  • Convogli umanitari

    Dispatching of humanitarian convoys to the Atma camp (Syria)

    @uxilia send humanitarian convoys that reach the interior of the country for relieve the suffering of children

  • Scarpe ortopediche

    Delivery of orthopaedic footwear for prothesis to the physiotherpy and rehabilitation Center of Alberto Cairo (Afghanistan)

    @uxilia bought 3.000 pairs of orthopaedic shoes fitting orthopaedic prothesis

  • Micro-entrepreneurship project “Love Scarves” (Tunisia)

    Micro-entrepreneurship project “Love Scarves” (Tunisia)

    A little crochet that we produce with tunisian women, a scarf called "The scarf of love"

  • Progetto di Microimprenditoria

    Micro-entrepreneurship project “Love Scarves” (Serbia)

    A little crochet that we produce with serbian women, a scarf called "The scarf of love"

  • Smile Again

    Support to “Smile Again” (Pakistan)

    @uxilia helps “Smile Again FVG” looking for funds in order to provide medical support to girls with scars on face and body caused by acid.

  • Batticaloa

    Tsunami Recovery: Sending food supply to Batticaloa (Srilanka)

    Sending food and powdered milk in the northeast of the island, Batticaloa area

  • Luce a Khowst

    Let us bring light in Khowst (Afghanistan)

    10 photovoltaic systems were delivered in order to provide lighting to for the village of Kaijree in cooperation with SPES and the Cimic group
  • Somalia

    Treatment of Malaria (Africa)

    An ambulance, an ultrasound and a load of drugs were delivered to a group of volunteers from Pescara heading to Mogadishu.

  • barche

    Tsunami Recovery: buying boats to fishermen in Trincomalee (Srilanka)

    The Province of Udine donate 12.000 euros to buy the the boats destroyed by the Tsunami

  • Sostegno a Fiorello

    Support to Fiorello 

    Fiorello, swiss children suffers of SMA1, today is alive thanks to @uxilia

  • Support to the children of Pannipitya

    Support to the children of Pannipitya (Srilanka)

    @uxilia provided for the collection and delivery of 35 boxes of toys for 70 children imprisoned in Pannipitiya

  • Baghlan

    Delivery of sanitary equipment for the Baghlan Hospital (Afghanistan)

    We have provided sanitary equipment for the Baghlan Hospital, in cooperation with NGO AISPO and Italian Cooperation

  • House of Flowers

    Restructuring of the House of Flowers orphanage in Kabul (Afghanistan)

    @uxilia gave help to the House of Flowers orphanage with a donation of 12.000 euros, partially granted by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.

  • Pratheepa

    Arm reconstruction to a former girl soldier (Srilanka)

    We rebuild the arm of Pratheepa a former girl soldier

  • Sostenere l'avviamento imprenditoriale

    Supporting women’s enterprise start-up in Madras (India)

    This project aimed to support local youth and women’s enterprise start-up

  • Nassi

    Project Literacy for women in Nassyria (Iraq)

    Providing literacy instruction to 15 adult women of Thi Qar province

  • Invio di materiale didattico

    Sending of teaching materials (Syria)

    @uxilia send teaching materials to children of Atma

  • Herat

    Delivery of clothes and other materials to the orphanages in Herat (Afghanistan)

    Distribution of 76 boxes containing two and a half tons of clothes, shoes, blankets, sheets, toys, teaching and sanitary materials donated by Spes.

  • Dhi Qar

    Purification of water in the province of Dhi Qar (Iraq)

    A watermaker-purification system was delivered to the province of Dhi Qar and this will increase the water supply of some villages already started in 2004.

  • La scuola per la Siria

    School for Syria

    @uxilia activated correspondance among children of Atma Camp and children of italian school

  • Kabgayi

    Sending medical supplies and an ambulance to the Hospital of Kabgayi (Africa)

    @uxilia has donated an ambulance and medical supplies to the Hospital of Kabgayi

  • Al Mansour

    Supply of medicines and salaries to medical and paramedical staff of the Hospital Al Mansour (Iraq)

    @uxilia, in cooperation with SPES, has provided first aid at Al Mansour through the supply of medicines and the payment of salaries to the medical and paramedical staff

  • Microcredito

    Development of activities of micro-entrepreneurship among women (Srilanka)

    Training course to strenghten the ability and professional skills of women for the activities of micro-entrepreneurship

  • Parwan

    Rennovation of Parwan orphanage (Afghanistan)

    Renovation of Charikar orphanage, in collaboration with the Italian Red Cross

  • Kumar

    Renovation of Father Kumar’s Catholic school (India)

    @uxilia, in cooperation with SPES, financed the rebuilding of the Catholic “St. Mary’s School” in Mamallapuran after the Tsunami

  • Ain el Helweh

    Distribution of drugs to the Palestinian camp of Ain el Helweh (Lebanon)

    Our project aims to give these children an alternative life through education and to alleviate as much as possible the suffering of those who have a treatable illness

  • Scolarizzazione Atma

    Project Schooling of children of Atma (Syria)

    Building of a school for 500 children in Atma Camp

  • Sostegno famiglie

    Support for families after Tsunami (Srilanka)

    Economic support for families after Tsunami in Batticaloa district

Renovation of Father Kumar’s Catholic school, Tamilnadu


Beneficiaries: Inhabitants of Mamallapuran (Tamilnadu)

Cities / Region involved: Mamallapuran (Tamilnadu)

Period: 2004

Sources of fundingSpes

Total cost: 20.000 euros

Project Status: concluded 

The 2004 tsunami caused extensive destruction of houses and structures in this country. Auxilia, in cooperation with SPES, financed the rebuilding of the Catholic “St. Mary’s School” in Mamallapuran – Tamilnadu, India – seriously damaged by the natural disaster which devastated the entire South East Asia.





Memorandum of hunderstanding with Spes

Supporting women’s enterprise start-up in Madras



BeneficiariesWomen and girls of Madras

Cities / Region involvedMadras

Period: 2005

Sources of fundingSpes

Total Cost: 10.000 euros

Project Statusconcluded

Girls’ and women’s condition in this territory is shaming, the majority of them is very poor and with no education. Exploiters force them to work many hours for a meager salary. This project aimed to support local youth and women’s enterprise start-up, with the help of Madras Salesian Sisters.






Memorandum of hunderstanding with Spes

Situation in the Country


Capital: New Delhi
Area: 3,287,782 km ²
Population: 1,156,897,766
Ethnic groups: The main ethnic groups can be divided into two, although there are numerous nuances determined by their fusion: the Aryan (tall and fair-skinned) and Dravidian (short stature and dark skin). The North is dominated by the Aryan branches while the South by the Dravidian.
Religion: Hindu (80, 3%), Muslim (11%).
Infant mortality rate: 64.9 deaths per thousand (Italy 5.7 per thousand)
Life expectancy: 70 years on
Literacy: 61%
Population below poverty line: 35%

India is one of the largest and most populous countries in the world, the seventh if one considers the extension as it has an area of more than 3 million sq. km. The country is bordered to the east by Myanmar to the north-east by Nepal, Pakistan to the west and to the north with China. The territory can be divided into three main areas: the mountainous barrier of the Himalayas in the north; the intermediate zone, one of the most densely populated parts of the world including flood plains formed by the river Ganges; Finally, the peninsular part of the Deccan, reaching the Indian Ocean, where the shores of Bay of Bengal are the most cultivated and populated. India, with a population of over one billion inhabitants and a density of 274 inhabitants / square kilometer is the second country in the world after China. 76% of the population lives in rural areas, while the rest is concentrated in large urban centers in the capital New Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta.

In 1500 began the first commercial contacts with the European world that have paved the way for future colonial campaigns of 1800's. Father's homeland is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, known as Mahatma ("great soul"). India was a British colony but due to the movement of peaceful civil disobedience, which began in 1919, just under the leadership of Gandhi, India embarks on a journey that led in 1947, two years after the end of World War II, to the independence from England.

Democracy and planning were the founding principles of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of independent India. During the nehruvian age it was of central importance the strategy of non-alignment which basically was implemented in this way: India, along with 29 other African and Asian countries, did not share the view of the world represented by the two opposing blocs: the Soviet Union and the U.S. 

After independence, struggles take place due to religion, caste and successive uprisings in various parts of the country, which fortunately did not lead to any violent conflict thanks to tolerance and constitutional reforms. In India, however, there have always been various separatist movements, because of the different ethnic groups that live there, and this has led over the years to many wars in the region, such as that with China in 1962, which suffered severe losses, or that for the current unresolved issue of Kashmir with Pakistan, its neighbour and nuclear-armed as India itself is.

Another important safety issue in India is represented by terrorism, particularly in Jammu and Kashmir, in north-east India and recently also in big cities like Delhi and Mumbai. The attack on the Indian Parliament in 2001 remains the most serious attack.

India therefore stands out as a country of great contrasts, with 60% of the population (caste "low") still engaged in agriculture, with a rather low per capita income, despite today expected to lie in tenth place as an industrial power mainly due to the variety and abundance of natural resources and skilled labour. The "outcasts" are, however, several, about 130 million, in conditions of great insecurity and social discrimination.

Child labour is widespread and takes three to four million children in brick kilns and one million in carpet farms between India and Pakistan. Another dramatically evident plague is discrimination against women that occurs very early, especially among the poorer classes, with the frequent practice of infanticide of girls, if this has not already be done with selective abortion. This practice can be traced back to the dowry that  every family should ensure to girls and therefore constitutes an unsustainable spending for families in the most precarious conditions. A recent survey also shows that the illiterate are about half the adult population, and among these, 62% are women.

In recent years there have been very significant steps to achieve food self-sufficiency; however the problem of land tenure for small farmers remains and all the new issues that the Western economy is causing in a society torn between modernity and ancient tradition.



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