Situation in the country

Capital: Maputo.
Area: 801.590 km².
Population: 25.200.00.
Ethnies: Bantu 97 %.
Religion: 50 % local cults; 30 % Christians; 30 % muslims.
Infant mortality rate: 77 per thousand.
Life expectancy: 53 years old (52 males; 54 females).
Literacy: 56,5 %.
Population below poverty line: 54 %

Mozambique is a Eastern African country and it’s capital is Maputo. It’s a former Portuguese colony and it has been independent since 1975.

The independence movement started in 1962 led to the creation of the Mozambique Liberation Front (FRELIMO), which conquered the capital in 1974 and soon after that proclaimed the independence of the country, that starting from that moment came into line with the USSR.

In the early Eighties RENAMO (The Mozambican National Resistance, a liberation movement against communism) started a series of attacks against several facilities of the country (including railways, schools and hospitals), dragging Mozambique in a civil war that caused about a million victims between 1981 and 1994, most of whom were civilians.

Today Mozambique still is in a very critic economic situation, caused by the flight of foreign capital during the communist period and by the heavy consequences of the civil war.

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