What's the remote sponsorship?

“The sponsorship is an act of solidarity consisting in the moral commitment to send, through a responsible contact person, a settled monetary contribution on a continuing basis, about the use of which a feedback is always given to the donor. This contribution is addressed to children, adults, families or specific communities, who or which are in need in every part of the world, in order to help them to improve their life condition.”

@uxilia decided to join this “Carta dei principi del sostegno a distanza” (Remote Sponsorship Charter of Principles) which was signed in November 2000 in Rome by the main association for remote sponsorship.

In this way our association, which has always worked in order to help children and to protect their rights, publicly undertakes to ensure the criteria expressed therein and to promote any kind of activities and initiatives to safeguard childhood, multiculturalism, solidarity, peace and economical and social progress in the third world countries, in order to give to these children the opportunity to choose their paths instead of having them imposed and in order to enable training and micro-enterprise.

@uxilia has operated in Sri Lanka since 2004, precisely in the Tamil area of Batticaloa, where for 23 years one of the worst civil wars took place, a bloody and sadly forgotten war. The sponsorship project was created in partnership with the local organization Koinonia, which is the local headquarters of @uxilia. The local operators, who we keep constantly in touch with, report us children and families in need, give us all the necessary information about their history and condition and regularly update us about the use of founds and about the project development.


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