Sponsor a mother-child pair

mother sonWith this kind of sponsorship, @uxilia wants to help children and their mothers – who have survived wars and natural disasters– until the children will grow up and fulfill the legal age, by offering them training and a job opportunity. This makes @uxilia's remote sponsorship project different from a traditional child sponsorship. It's purpose is to improve the health conditions of local families and to develop activities which can provide an income to these families, but it's goal is also to educate, for education is a key factor to contrast poverty and to increase employment. @uxilia concentrates its efforts especially on basic education and access to school for girls.

Furthermore @uxilia's sponsorship is in line with the Trust Fund for Food Security and Food Hygiene, established by FAO. The aim is indeed that of allowing the families adopted by @uxilia to have a correct school education, but also an education concerning food hygiene and health in general, through trainings in villages and through the use of new technologies (ICT) where the mother-child pairs live.

With a monthly amount we can assure to every mother-child pair:

  1. - a regular and balanced diet

  2. - medical care

  3. - regular school attendance

  4. - professional training

  5. - the support to a micro-enterprise

  6. - a correct food education

The monthly amount required to sponsor a mother-child pair is of 25 euros, which means 300 euros a year, including administrative expenses and bank charges to transfer the funds abroad.

This contribution can be paid by bank transfer (swift: ….), or by R.I.D (see the FORMS section), annually or semiannually, by fixed dates. This subscription fee doesn't cover the costs of a possible transfer of our volunteers, for which we would pay personally or using the donations received by our association during the year.
Our local partner will choose the mother-child couple to sustain, according to priority criteria and this couple will be assigned to the donor, who will receive a user-name and a password to log in an online portal, where he will be able to see the last updates: pictures, drawings by the child, and the mutual correspondence. About this is important to remember than the letters should be written in English, if this won't be possible we will translate them. The originals of the letters will be delivered once a year by mail, both to the child and to the donor.
It is possible to visit the mother-child pair, it will be of our concern to provide the best travel assistance thanks to the help of our local referents.

Donations made to @uxilia are deductible. To make use of this kind of facilities is important to keep the receipt of the payment.

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