Sponsor a woman entrepreneur

21Since 2002 @uxilia has undertaken a woman micro-enterprise activity which has helped to train women and to let them start their own business, in order to have an income. At the moment the women are engaged specially in textile manufacturing and and tailoring activities.


With your support you can sponsor a woman entrepreneur and change her future.

Country: Sri Lanka – Batticaloa region

Beneficiaries: women, widows, former girl-soldiers.

Starting date: 1st October 2014

State of the initiative: ongoing.


How to help us:

200 Euros are required to start a tailoring activity (buying the sewing machine, the clothes and the yarns).

Anyway you can contribute with a free donation.

The donation can be made by a person, a group of people, a school, a parish, a company...

You can donate by a bank transfer SWIFT CODE: POSOIT22XXX  or by RID (see the FORM section on our website).

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