A new Hospital "Mirko Mori" for Kinshasa

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Beneficiary: people of the outskirts of Kinshasa.

Area: Kinshasa, Congo.

Term: from september 2015 until the end of the works.

Funding source: fundraising

State of the project: in progress.


@uxilia Toscana Onlus, with its president Danilo Prestia and its members, promotes a project for the realization of a small hospital in the outskirts of Kinshasa, capital of Congo, in the memory of Mirko Mori.

This Hospital will offer basic medical assistance to underprivileged people of the area and i twill be a place for young mothers where to deliver in suitable hygienic conditions.

The project is going on quickly. It will be realized with the support of Blanca Lewo, the Congolese engineer who designed the hospital, Jean Pierre, the parson od Fiesole diocese who donated the land where the hospital is being built, and Viviana De Angelis and Massimo Mori, Mirko’s parents.

At the beginning of December the foundation was completed, then the base was built in order to start with the elevation. When this will also be done, the first part of the hospital will be completed, including operating room, maternity room, infirmary, toilets and reception. During the first days of January 2016, the external walls were erected with the columns and the reinforced concrete architrave.














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