Project Literacy for women in Nassyria

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Beneficiaries: 15 illiterate women

Cities / Region involved: Province of Thi Qar

Period: december 2013 - ongoing

Sources of funding: Private donations

Total cost: 5.000 euros

Project Statusongoing

The specific objective of this project is providing literacy instruction to 15 adult women of Thi Qar province, with the aim to teach them how to read and write. Not only a ABC - indeed, a, baa , taa ,- but also providing information on women's rights, their role in society and in the family, health issues and proper behave in case of emergency (a sort of first aid in case of accidents at home). Mothers, who stay at school for about three months, can bring their small children at the Kindergarten furnished by the Children of Nasiriyah in “Sumer center for illiterate mothers”, where teachers will take care of them while their mothers learn to read and write. A small scholarship will be then given to the mothers in order to facilitate their participation and as a recognition of their efforts. The activities are ongoing and are taking place in accordance with the General Directorate of Education of Thi Qar .




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