Project Schooling of Children of Atma

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Beneficiaries: Children of Atma 

Cities / Regions involved: Atma

Period: august 2013 - october 2013

Sources of funding: Maram Foundation

Total cost: more than 5.500 euros

Project Status: ongoing

In the refugee camp of Atma live about 12.000 children from the region of Idlib and Aleppo. The camp is located on Syrian territory 20 km from Bab al Hawa and it has been extended spontaneously. There are no international associations, there was no school. With the intervention of psychologists we have assessed the situation of children and their hardships. The psychological trauma are reflected in fear of interacting with peers, fear of the dark, violent games or imitating adults (stage funerals, build weapons and war games, etc.). We have provided for a census of school-age children and it was decided to equip the refugee camp of a school building in order to distract them from the situation and engage them in the study. We have built a school for 500 children in collaboration with Maram Foundation, local teachers were found staying in the camp and we transform them by passive persons in active persons. We have also distributed 5.000 pairs of shoes to children of Atma who walked barefoot.



To stop the sense of abandonment of syrian children we have developed an initiative with the involvement of Italian children. We have set up an correspondance between the children of the camp and the children of the Italian schools. To ecourage the intercultural exchange, the letters are translated into Arabic by the children of the Islamic Center of Trieste. The "postman @ uxilia" leaves with any humanitarian convoy.


All the necessary materials for a year of study was sent with a humanitarian convoy in the camp of Atma. For children who did not want to participate in school activities we have prepared a parallel program that still allows an approach to the school. One of the difficulties we faced was related to textbooks. We were recovered textbooks in accordance with the Syrian educational program and we had reprinted them in Turkey in order to provide education in conformity. In addition to the educational materials we sent numerous toys and prizes for the most deserving children.



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