Situation in the country



Capital: Al-Fashir.

Area: 493.180 km².

Population: about 6.000.000.

Ethnies: Zagawa, Mazalit, Tama and Fūr.

Religion: mostly muslims.

Infant mortality rate: not available (56 per thousand in the whole Sudan)

Life expectancy: 58,6 years old (57,1 males; 60,1 females)

Literacy: Not available (66.8 % in Sudan)

Population below poverty line: Not available (47 % in Sudan)


Darfur isn’t actually a country, but one of the nine historical regions of Sudan. It is situated in the western part of Sudan and it’s populated mostly by muslims.
This region is sadly known because of the ongoing conflict started in 2003: this civil war between the Janjawids, a group of pro-government Arab militiamen (recruited from the nomad Baggara tribes), and the original black population (farmers’ tribes).
Since the beginning of the conflict the victims are estimated at 300.000, while the refugees are about 2,7 millions.
In 2008, after Sudan opened to the peace mission led by the UN and the African Union, a peace deal was signed, but not by all the parties.
In 2010, shortly before the elections, a new deal came, signed by the Sudanese president Al-Bashir and the rebels. It declared the end of the war. The International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant against Al-Bashir, accusing him of genocide.
But in 2014 the warrant was suspended and the result was the forfeiture of evidence against Al-Bashir, who in the meanwhile had been re-elected. The was had already started again between 2013 and 1014.

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