Antiviral treatment of AIDS in pregnant women, Mozambique


Beneficiaries: 14 mother-child pairs in Mozambique.

Cities / Region involved: Mozambico

Period: 2004

Sources of funding: Spes

Total cost: 10.000 euros

Project Status: concluded

In Africa, Auxilia in collaboration with the SPES, raised a small grain of hope in the fight against AIDS, which affects about 25% of the population. The percentage of people infected by HIV rises dramatically in mother-infant pairs, increasing by an additional 10%. 8500 Euros have been donated for anti-retroviral drugs in the therapy of the Dream project, a figure that has allowed us to treat the mother suffering from HIV and save the child, providing care to 14 mother-infant pairs in the center of Matola, Mozambique





Memorandum of hunderstanding with Spes

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