Hospital Outpost 55, Darfur



Beneficiaries: People of  Darfur

Cities / Region involved: Darfur 

Period: 2006

Sources of funding: Spes, Fundraising Festival di Sanremo e altre istituzioni

Total cost: 400.000 euros

Annual management fee: 70.000 euros

Project Status: concluded

In Darfur, the Sudanese region swept by a bloody civil war, Auxilia and SPES have implemented Outpost 55 on behalf of the Italian Cooperation. This is a humanitarian project launched on the occasion of the Sanremo Music Festival, which foresees the construction of a first-aid clinic with twenty beds, two schools and a multicultural center. Thanks to the Sanremo Music Festival and other institutions, Euro 390,000 have been raised for the construction of Outpost 55.







Memorandum of hunderstanding with Spes

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