Distribution of drugs to the Palestinian camp of Ain el Helweh



Beneficiaries: Children and boy of Ain el Helweh.

Cities / Region involved: Ain el Helweh. 

Period: 2008

Sources of funding: Spes

Project Status: concluded

The Palestinian camp of Ain el Helweh, near Sidon, is the most problematic of all Palestinian camps in Lebanon. 70-80.000 people living in an area of a few square kilometers in terrible conditions. The control of the territory is only partially under Al Fatah, while other areas are in the hands of extremists who are from abroad, not Palestinians (Jund al Cham, Ansar al-Islam). Many teenagers drop out of school due to financial and family problems and become therefore vulnerable. Our project aims to give these children an alternative life through education (remedial courses, computer etc…) and to alleviate as much as possible the suffering of those who have a treatable illness. Those suffering of thalassemia need iron chelators ( Desferal ) and then infusion pumps.






Memorandum of hunderstanding with Spes

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