Health Project

Beneficiaries: Childrens and boys of Ain el Helweh e Tiro

Cities / Region involved: Ain el Helweh, Tiro

Period: 2008 - ongoing

Sources of funding: to be defined

Project Status: ongoing

Report Mission Marino Andolina in Lebanon: I took back home in the refugee camp of Ain el Helweh small Hassan who underwent transplantation for thalassemia and was cured in Trieste. I entrusted the child to colleagues at the American University of Beirut, which have ensured the continuation of the checks in the coming months. Due to the "emotional" effects of the event I was able to get into the refugee camp, the most dangerous of Lebanon (after the Nahr el- Barid, destroyed) and get in contact with some doctors, who will work with us to collect data on chronic diseases affecting children in the area. Thanks to the fact that another thalassemic child is the son of an individual rather dangerous belonging to the extremist faction of Osbat al Ansar, we should be sure of having non-conflicting relationships with those who are habitually aggressive with strangers. I would strongly recommend to help this family in the future. Together with a Lebanese colleague I have also visited other patients in the area of Tyre; we plan to transfer to Trieste at least one girl who needs a prosthetic leg, lost in an accident. We keep kind and fruitful relations with the Italian military CIMIC of the two regional brigades (Osoppo and Aries) of Garibaldi.

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