Leishmaniasis Project











Beneficiaries: Leishmaniasis patients

Cities / Region involved: Afghanistan

Period: 2004

Sources of fundingSpes, in partnership with CIMIC

Total cost: 4.000 euros

Project Status: concluded

Leishmaniasis are an infectious diseases caused by protozoan parasites, transferred to humans by sand flies. If not cured, it can cause death. Together with tha group Cimic ( civil and military cooperation) many medical examinations were performed. The main purpose was to treat leishmaniosis, which particularly affects Afghan children and can be recognized because of ulcers in different distircts of the body. For the same  purpose, to cure leishmaniasis, pentavalent antimony (sodium stibogluconate = Pentostan) was delivered to Afghanistan.








Memorandum of hunderstanding with Spes

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