Sponsor a woman entrepreneur

21Since 2002 @uxilia has undertaken a woman micro-enterprise activity which has helped to train women and to let them start their own business, in order to have an income. At the moment the women are engaged specially in textile manufacturing and and tailoring activities.


Sponsor a mother-child pair

mother sonWith this kind of sponsorship, @uxilia wants to help children and their mothers – who have survived wars and natural disasters– until the children will grow up and fulfill the legal age, by offering them training and a job opportunity. This makes @uxilia's remote sponsorship project different from a traditional child sponsorship. It's purpose is to improve the health conditions of local families and to develop activities which can provide an income to these families, but it's goal is also to educate, for education is a key factor to contrast poverty and to increase employment. @uxilia concentrates its efforts especially on basic education and access to school for girls.


What's the remote sponsorship?

“The sponsorship is an act of solidarity consisting in the moral commitment to send, through a responsible contact person, a settled monetary contribution on a continuing basis, about the use of which a feedback is always given to the donor. This contribution is addressed to children, adults, families or specific communities, who or which are in need in every part of the world, in order to help them to improve their life condition.”


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