Emergency flood: the resettlement of 23 families in the Batticaloa district



Beneficiaries: 23 families of Batticaloa.

Cities / Regions involved: Batticaloa.

Period: 2010

Sources of funding

Total cost: 6.000 euros

Project Status: concluded

Resettlement of 40 families in the Batticaloa district after the flood of December 2010. Program was implemented in two phases. Initially there were 23 families identified for resettlement, but only 23 families were able to return to their village, while 13 families have moved to the village called Sittandy where they built new houses. The 23 families received rations to support the 1st of August and were sent to the resettlement. On the 8th August, the same families have been provided with rations in their village. The area in which they were resettled is still under the control of the security forces and do the permission to reach the place was not granted to all staff. In the village the program of work has not been completed due to the presence of the army.

Missione di Laura Longoni - @uxilia Lombardia







Flood Srilanka

Emergency Flood

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