Micro-entrepreneurship program Mother-Child

Beneficiaries: Children and families of  Batticaloa 

Cities / Regions involved: Batticaloa

Period: 2004 - ongoing

Total cost for 2013: more than 4.500 euros; for 2012: more than 4.500 euros; for 2011: more than 2.500 euros

Project Statusongoing

The Sponsorship Program is aimed at reaching a stable economic contribution for vulnerable children, adults, families and communities. AUXILIA decided to join this "Charter of principles of distance support" drafted and promoted in November 2000 in Rome by associations working for “Long distance Adoption”. In doing so, our organization has always worked in favor of children and it is committed to ensure the objectives stated in the Charter, to promote all types of activities and initiatives to safeguard childhood, multiculturalism, economic development and social inclusion in developing countries, solidarity and peace, in order to give these children the opportunity to live a new life. @uxilia works in Sri Lanka since 2004, in the area of Batticaloa, which for twenty-three years has been the scenario of one of the bloodiest civil wars. In partnership with the local association Koinonia, AUXILIA implements the Sponsorship project. The local workers identify the children and families who need help and they provide us with information on their history and their health condition. With the Sponsorship Programme, @uxiliachildren aims to follow children up to the age of 18 by offering them vocational training. With the monthly fee we ensure to each child:

- A balanced and regular diet.
- Medical care.
- Recreational activities.

The commitment to support a child is of 25 € per month for a total of € 300 per year, including also bureaucratic and administrative expenses and bank charges relating to the transfert of funds abroad. 

The commitment is used partly trought the local association Koinonia (partner of @ uxilia) as a micro-credit to women for starting and maintaining a small business enterprise (eg purchase fabrics and threads for sewing or sewing machine) so that the woman can have an income, and in part to purchase school supplies, health care or other needs for the child.

The donor will receive a username and password through which he will have access to a online portal where he will be allowed to see the latest updates from the child such as photos, drawings and mutual correspondence. In this regard, it would be preferable to write the letters in English, otherwise they will be translated by us. The original letters are delivered once a year through postal service both to the child and the donor.

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